Campaign management FAQs

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Q. I’m a vendor wanting to run the same campaign with different reseller partners. How does that work?

A. A campaign is developed with each reselling partner, and as each campaign progresses, the partner has access to the campaign progress and results through Campaign[x]. The vendor has an overview or aggregated view of all its partner campaigns as well as a summary of responses. The vendor does not have access to the resellers’ data.

Q. I’m a vendor and I want to run my own campaign. How does that work?

A. As well as running multiple campaigns with your resellers, you can also use Campaign[x] for your own, individual campaigns. Your campaign is built and loaded into Campaign[x] and you can then view its progress, including responses and tasks allocated between team members.

Q. I’m a reseller partner and I’m doing a campaign with my vendor. How does that work?

A. You complete a simple online form that develops a brief and sets a budget and timeline. Once these are approved by yourselves and the vendor, the agency develops and runs the campaign with the progress and responses viewed online. You will also be sent weekly reports on tasks, progress and responses.

Q. Can I use Campaign[x] with my existing database or CRM?

A. Yes, Campaign X can import and export any database file in .csv format.

Q. Does Campaign[x] automatically feed responses into my database or CRM?

A. Responses are automatically fed into the Campaign[x] database as the campaign progresses. At the end of the campaign, or at any time during the campaign, the client is able to import the data back into their CRM.

Q. What’s the maximum and minimum number of contacts I can use in one campaign?

A. There is no restriction on database size. However the agency will advise on the appropriate scale of the campaign to meet the campaign objectives.

Q. If I give my data to you, how do I know it’s secure on Campaign[x]?

A. The Website is secured using an SSL certificate ensuring that all data viewed and transmitted from the website is encrypted. Access to sensitive information is restricted to only those staff with a requirement to access the data for administrative purposes, and who are bound by a strict client confidentiality agreement. Campaign[x] employs a range of technical measures to ensure that only those with appropriate privilege levels can access data.

Q. Can I use Campaign[x] with my own marketing materials, or does the agency have to produce them from scratch?

A. Communications pieces can be created from scratch or existing materials can be used. The agency develops the campaign around the client’s requirements. Campaign[x] is a management and reporting tool.

Q. How long does it take to set up a marketing program using Campaign[x]?

A. The agency takes responsibility for setting up the campaign, which normally takes about 24 hours. This does not include the time taken to create the communications pieces. This is creative development time and is not part of the Campaign[x] management and reporting process.

Q. Can I access campaign updates and WIP reports at any time, or do I have to book these in?

A. Reports and updates can be downloaded anytime so you don’t have to book these in. However, automated WIPs are only sent out weekly to the stakeholders.

Q. Can I share updates and results with anyone, or just people registered to use Campaign[x]?

A. Updates and results can be downloaded as PDFs so they can be shared at your discretion.

Q. How much does it cost to use Campaign[x], if I’m a vendor or a reseller partner?

A. License fees vary depending on the number of reselling partners and the time of access, but the average fee is $500 + GST for each campaign.