Why use campaign management software

Unlike other campaign management tools, Campaign[x] isn’t limited to automated online structures. Instead, it gives you the flexibility to manage direct marketing and direct mail marketing, email marketing, sales lead generation – in fact any business-to-business marketing campaign.

Integration with existing customer relationship management software (CRM software) and databases makes campaign set up and follow up simple to manage.

As the campaign progresses, campaign milestones are automatically flagged to key campaign stakeholders. Automated weekly WIPs and status reports are all available online, so you can access and share this information through a common Web dashboard from your office, home or any other partner location you may be working from.

This means vendors, channel partners and campaign suppliers are able to collaborate and interact throughout the campaign, closely monitoring leads generated, allocating and responding to tasks, and amending approaches according to results.

Using Bang Buyer’s Journey Methodology™, Campaign[x] also allows you to automate your sales lead generation and lead nurturing programs. By acting as a lead management system, it tracks responses to campaigns and tags these responses to stages of your buying process. Sales lead generation, lead nurturing and brand development campaigns can all be tailored to suit the needs of specific groups in your CRM systems.